Grammar Chic Emphasizes Importance of Resume Content in Increasingly Competitive Job Market

February 08 11:21 2018
Automation and advanced technology have impacted the types of positions available for job seekers making strong resume content even more essential for attracting hiring managers, notes Grammar Chic.

For anyone who has been on the job hunt in recent years, it is difficult not to notice that more jobs are disappearing and qualifications are changing. Employers aren’t necessarily looking for the same skills they were a decade ago, especially with advances in technology, automation, and outsourcing. Grammar Chic highlights the importance of having strong, engaging, and relevant resume content to sell employers on potential and fit in a competitive job market.

“Having a degree or certain training is no longer enough to ensure employability,” says Amanda Clark, CEO of Grammar Chic. “Employers want to see what you can do with those skills, and how you can benefit their business. Demonstrating results is key to show that not only can you develop a plan, but you can execute on it and deliver desirable outcomes as well.”

It is also important for job seekers to understand the job market in their particular profession and location. Some cities lend themselves well to manufacturing or technology-oriented careers for example, while other regions have fewer positions to choose from. Plus, outsourcing and automation have also decreased opportunities at some companies.

Applicants should stay abreast of changes in their industry, and how their talents can be used in different ways to improve their eligibility for other types of roles, notes Clark. Leveraging one’s professional network can also help with identifying potential leads and having a personal connection to a business. Scouring job boards alone may not be enough anymore.

Job seekers should always be tailoring their resume to each job opening to create the strongest fit and highlight desired skills. According to Forbes, “It is not about the format of a resume – it’s about the content and how it demonstrates with words how hiring you will solve what hurts in your area of expertise.”

Clark encourages candidates who are unsure about what to include on their resume or how to best portray themselves – especially if they’re looking to transition to a different field or role – to work with a professional resume writing company like Grammar Chic. A professional can guide individuals in determining what is most important and impactful when it comes to the type of job they are seeking.

“Resume writing is not everyone’s strength, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help,” says Clark. “Job seekers can feel more confident in making connections and sending out their application materials once they have been professionally revised.” Furthermore, Grammar Chic offers comprehensive resume reviews for $35 so candidates can see how their resume may stack up to the competition and where there are areas for improvement.

To learn more about these services, contact Grammar Chic at (803) 831-7444 or [email protected].


Grammar Chic is a comprehensive professional resume writing service that specializes in helping job seekers boost their appearance in the job market. This company offers in-depth consultation allowing candidates to explore their job history and skill sets. With a series of services — from entry-level to senior management resume packages — Grammar Chic can provide the level of insight needed to ensure clients come out with a clean, polished and appealing resume.

Those looking for resume and cover letter assistance are invited to contact Grammar Chic at (803) 831-7444 and tune into Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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