‘Star-crossed lovers’, a passionate love story set in the beautiful landscapes of Ireland launches on Amazon

February 07 21:15 2018

Star-crossed Lovers is the latest book by author E A Harper that is now available for purchase on Amazon.com in both Kindle and Paperback formats. It is a passionate and romantic love story set in the beautiful landscapes on the west coast of Ireland which oozes of love and romance in the air. It’s a tale of true love, lust, deep desire and red-hot passion between two lovers who happen to meet in one of the most stunning parts of the world. The book has received two 5 star reviews from readers so far, one of whom says, “This book encaptivated me from the word go. I fell immediately in love with the characters and was lost in the story with them. Couldn’t put the book down it took me on a rollercoaster of emotions from excitement, great sadness, and happiness.”

Star-crossed lovers describe the passionate love story of Elena and Patrick. Elena is young and beautiful and Patrick is not the only man seeking her attention. Elena is Patrick’s first love and his first sexual experience as well. His love for her brings turmoil of emotions into his life as he experiences deep love for her accompanied with anxiety, jealousy, and ongoing desire. He founds himself far out of his comfort zone of being wealthy, reserved and cocooned in a shell through these newfound emotions.

The story is set in the romantic and magical backdrop of Ireland and the author makes sure that the readers have a vivid imagination of the beautiful and serene background of Ireland. They should feel as if they’re there on the golden sandy shore, of the quaint fishing village, smell the salty sea air and feel the soft warmth of summer breeze in the air. The author aims to bring a wonderful experience to the readers where they feel the breathtaking landscape that captures their soul, as the story unfolds.

Of course, no epic love story is built on the bed of roses, there has to some twist to it and this book does the same. As the readers are indulged in the beautiful, heart-warming love story of the two passionate lovers, the story unfolds a major twist beyond the imagination of the readers. Find more information at Amazon.com.

About Author

E A Harper is the author of two children’s novels, three adult novels, each of very different genre. She wrote Star-Crossed lovers while living in County Cavan, rural Ireland where she rented a little white cottage, called Munlough. Her visits to peaceful places and multiple beaches in Ireland inspired her to set the story in beautiful landscapes.

Star-crossed Lovers by E.A.Harper is the perfect Valentine read. The book is available now on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.

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