Daper: Kickstarter campaign transforms Chinese Almanac for modern times

February 07 18:09 2018

Daper is all set to revolutionize Chinese Almanac with a new edgy tear-off daily calendar which is an exclusive blend of the best of both ancient Chinese Almanac and modern Gregorian calendar. Combining ancient wisdom and modern culture, this new tear-off daily calendar “Daper” has taken Chinese Almanac to the next level to make it more convenient for the masses. It’s a stylish and multi-purpose civil calendar aimed to enrich our daily lives. 

“Daper is a revolution. It’s designed to redefine Chinese Almanac to make things easier for modern lives”, stated Jarvis Chin, the co-founder of Daper.

Developed in ancient China, Chinese Almanac not only shows dates or days but also features scientific analysis with astrological observations, including meteorological, astronomical, geographical and geomantic data. Its content is composed of the lunar-solar calendar, which is generated from ancient meteorological records.Although it’s still in use in Sino land yet a bunch of its contents aren’t used these days, and not everyone is comfortable with classical Chinese script. However, Chinese Almanac can’t be replaced completely since it is still a reliable reference in forecasting the changes in weather or the alternation of seasons and it still helps with certain areas that we don’t find with the regular Gregorian calendar. These include some indications about festivals, farming, auspicious occasions, Feng Shui and so on. This is where Daper comes in.


“What makes Daper stand out is that it contains the best elements of both the worlds- Chinese Almanac and Gregorian Calendar. On the one hand, it features the smart, civil style of the Gregorian calendar and on another, all the important things that you need from Chinese Almanac. And yes, it’s written in English for your convenience. The entire text that we have taken from Chinese Almanac has been translated by professional translators.  On top of that, the whole thing boasts of an elegant style statement. Daper is ‘the’ thing that you have been looking for your desk for long.” 

Daper comprises of 13 pieces of vital information-

  • Month & Year
  • Day of week
  • Moon phase
  • Date
  • Corresponding date in lunar calendar
  • Dos for the day
  • Don’ts for the day
  • Blank space to jot down notes
  • Nearest solar term
  • Zodiac of the day
  • Against zodiac of the day
  • Auspicious hours
  • Inspiring quote for the day 

Besides showing the daily vital information, the papers that users tear off from Daper can also be used as postcards. Each Daper comes with 4 blank postcard and 1 stickers pack of 12 Zodiac animals which users can paste their favorite calendar dates onto the cards and send them to their special ones, turning Daper into the most unique seasonal greeting cards.


The layout of each calendar page has been redesigned to make Daper a user-friendly accessory on our desk. The graphics of each solar term and Chinese Zodiac are original and designed to achieve EAST meets WEST.

“We believe the exclusive design of Daper will help to conjoin the oriental and occidental cultures. The good part is we are looking for mass production now and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will help us to take Daper to the world and makes lives more enriched and easier for all.”

A cool host of rewards are waiting for the backers. These include a digital page of the backer’s birthday in Daper, Daper stickers pack of zodiac animals plus Daper digital pack, one Daper or a combo of Dapers with stickers and blank postcards at highly discounted rates.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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