Leading Industry Expert Believes 4% of Secure Websites are Incorrectly Configured

February 06 15:26 2018

Zwolle, Netherlands – Four percent of websites with an SSL certificate are not being configured correctly. This is the conclusion following an investigation by DownNotifier.com, a leading web monitoring company that has assessed over 100,000 websites.

“Everyone needs SSL these days, but many companies forget to keep an eye on things after the first installation,” said Marijn Otte, CEO of DownNotifier.

In about half the cases, the website is not viewable through older web browsers. In the remaining instances, the website doesn’t function properly with modern browsers due to issues that include unsafe configuration, or the SSL certificate hasn’t been installed correctly.

Some of these websites can’t be served since the SSL certificate has expired. Website owners are often unaware that their certificates must be renewed or they simply forget. Depending on the investment action, renewal might be required between every three months or up to every five years.

Configuration problems happen with both small and large companies. An example would be the expired certificate at LinkedIn recently at https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/30/linkedin_ssl_certificates_expire. Large companies can resolve the problem faster than smaller businesses, but many companies aren’t even aware of the situation until it’s been an issue for some time.

A company that wants to maintain a robust website that can be viewed anytime by potential customers or members needs to ensure that required SSL certificates are installed properly, and that they’re renewed as needed. A comprehensive website monitoring service can be an essential tool for ensuring a website maintains its SSL certificate and https encryption for safety and security.

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DownNotifier.com monitors almost 1 million websites for outages and errors. After 10 years of development, this monitoring platform is one of the most modern and advanced available.

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