Olym’d Go Healthy Announces New Products That Support Healthy Growth And Improve Brain Function In Kids

February 02 15:21 2018
Products Are Made With The Best Ingredients That Make Them Tasty And Fun To Eat

Kids need all the essential nutrients they can get to grow strong, smart, and healthy. Olym’D Go Healthy is proud to announce the launch of their new products, Kids gummy omega 3 and kids gummy multi-vitamin. The products are designed to help kids get the essential health supplement they need to grow strong and healthy. It will also help kids improve their reading performance so they can catch up with their age group. Olym’D Go Healthy products are made from high quality ingredients that makes them tasty and fun to eat.

For more information, please visit the website www.olymd.com.

“Shine and bright. Strong and healthy. Olym’D Go Healthy Gummy provides a perfect mix of all vitamins in easy-to-chew gummy to support kids’ overall wellness. We care about kids. That’s why our gummy is made with the best ingredient so it can be tasty and fun to eat at the same time,” said Tina Diep, a representative of Olym’D Go Healthy.

Olym’D Go Healthy Omega 3 and multivitamin products are essential for the growth of the kids. The gummies are made from natural flavor with 100% freshness from fruit & plant-based ingredient, which makes them deliver essential vitamins and minerals so kids can fuel their active day. Olym’D Go Healthy work very close with researchers to ensure the development of great products, fully tested for quality and taste in the lab.

Olym’D Go Healthy products is made from pectin, instead of the gelatin used by other products in the market. Pectin is good for kids because it is derived from cellular wall of fruits like apples and grapes, which makes it healthy with plenty of fiber. Pectin also lower cholesterol, treats constipation and digestive issues like diarrhea, and fights diabetes. Gelatin is derived from collagen of beef bones and pig skin, making it unsuitable for the little ones.

Benefits Of Multivitamins And Omega 3 Supplements For Kids

Just like adults, kids also need nourishment by consuming multivitamins and other supplements, for healthy growth. Some of the benefits they stand to gain include:

  • Strong bones and bright smiles
  • Healthy and happy life
  • More energy for school and play
  • Better concentration
  • Cognitive development
  • Improved memory function
  • Better vision and eye function

About Olym’D Go Healthy

Olym’D Go Healthy is a company that offer high-quality health products that add value to live. They are driven by innovation, value, and love, with the desire to bring something special and amazing every day.

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